Allow me to introduce myself in this page.

Melon-pan; taking a nap

I am from Okayama, and brought up in Kurashiki-City.
My birth date is 6th March. My blood type is A.
I have an elder brother and a younger sister, that is all maybe.

My old house was near the beautiful view area.
It was in a marketing town, where my father's parents managed
a produce market Nakayama Vegetables And Fruits
[Nakayama Seika] as same pronunciation as my artist name!
(but my artist name is used different characters [kanji],
"Seika" means "aroma of stars").
It was when the limit day of my very first comic book was
sent to publish, suddenly I was told to change my artist name.
I had to think of the new artist name within twenty minutes!
That's why my present artist name was named with
a kind of my reckless joke. (I intended to change it before long, but....)

Then I studied cut-comics for three years
at Wild Boar [Inoshishi] Comic Studio, and started myself in free-lance.

I made my debut as a story-comic illustration artist
for twenty-four-page comic A Tale Of Yahke Usso
[Yahke Usso Monogatari], which was inserted in a girls-comic magazine
Viva Princess issued on 25th March 1977.

That leads me up to the present.


rearing big cats; reading books; watching movies;
tasting tea and coffee.

Favorite food;

water melon.

Favorite music;

tasteful music played with acoustic instruments
and voice without microphone that sounds in depth of consciousness, in recent years.

Favorite places;

the place where I can be with cats, can talk with good friends, can read interesting books,
can compose comics as I like, moreover can be close
to beautiful nature such as a mountain stream
which I will never lose interest in watching, that's perfect!

Special ability;

special skilled trainee [tokugyo-sei] of Shinden Style =
Ancient Form Of Swimming [Shinden-ryu Koshiki Eihou].

I graduated Kurashiki Municipal Nishi Primary School and Junior High School.
I was one of the best 8 badminton players in Okayama prefecture
in my junior high school days. Our school won the team competition,
so that our team had 6 players of the best 8. I spent fairly cheerful
and joyful "sports-oriented life" through those days.

When I was in the second grade of junior high school,
I became special skilled trainee of Shinden Style Ancient Form Of Swimming.
But I ceased it since I was told by our badminton trainer
that I should not swim because swimming makes my shoulders cold
so it has a harmful influence on badminton play.
My father obtained the sixth grade,
and my brother obtained the third grade of Shinden Style Ancient Form Of Swimming.
So they are proffessors, over the primary grade, and I am still an assistant professor.

Primary school and junior high school days were so wonderful!
I want to live the same life if I could be born again.
Of course there were various dislikable things also,
but still the good things were far more wonderful.
Those days are my most precious memory.

In contrast to those days, my high school days were harsh!
The high school was famous for teaching geared to college-entrance-examinations.
I had already made up mind to be a comic writer,
so I chose the school to have a higher education. But it was a bad choice.
The students were placed under very strict supervision.
I think that learning for college-entrance-examinations is temporary knowledge.
It will never stay in the brain and never be a living knowledge.
I was interested in only Japanese classical literature and Chinese classical literature.
I want to live another high school life if I could be born again.
My brother and his comic writer friends were in Tokyo already,
so I was always with them. Even when I was in the classroom,
my interest was already left from the Seiryo High School.

Currently, Knights Of Alfheim [Alfheim-no Kishi] is issued serially
in the monthly comic magazine Princess that has been one of my long term dreams.
It is more than ten years since it was started.
And it attained its 150th Anniversary at the February 1999 number.
Be sure to read it, please!

I have lived with six cats in Nerima, Tokyo,
for about twenty-six years.
Always there are my sister or some of my assistants working with me.

My present dream is to rear my cats to live long as granny cat Love-pack
who had lived to be twenty years and six months. I am looking after Hiyo-maru,
and Tama's tribe Melon-pan, Anne-pan and Chof, and two Dappues
with the wish of their long lives and happiness.

Another dream of mine is to keep creating pleasant comics pleasantly!

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