Fancy Paper Land

This is Fancy Paper Land

Here I put on display my square pieces of fancy paper
all together. These are ones I have painted for various charity events.

Arthur Robin The 7th Magicmaster; for Ms. Inoue
This square piece of fancy paper is one I painted for Ms. Inoue in Fukuoka,
who gave a correct answer alone to the screen tone quiz, several years ago. I promised to send her it, then I myself believed that I have done already. Sorry to be late. I could carried out it this year.

Lucian and Rosery Arthur and Rory Twins of Altdias

Rory and Arthur Rolant and Rory Twins of Altdias

Estor Gieding Flower Circlet Dragon Land

Cheers! Ekta and Flfinne Greetings

Hiyomaru, Rolant, and Chof Melonpan, Rory, and Chof Annepan, Rory, and Chof


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