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Princess Comics, Akita Shoten Publishing Co.

Here You Are! [Hai Douzo!]

This is a fantasy style "visitors" comedy, describing merrymaking of upright standing cat F.V.Ektachrome in the peaceful days of Macrail family and their neighboring people.


A cheerful girl Princess Yurian of Aldia Land aims at far realm Fantamoosh. This is a fantasy style comedy, some kind of "the gones and returns" story. There appears F.V.Ektachrome and the seventh magicmaster boy Arthur Robin.

Prince of June Land [Rokugatsu-kokuno Oujisama]

This is a happy ending romantic comedy of childhood friends
Ayumi-chan and Kakeru-kun, with musical feeling.

Silver Bird Of Anrirandi [Anrirandi-no Ginno Tori]

This is a fairy tale style nostalgic girls-comic,
where inserted nonsense "sleepy spring" love comedy series
Paradise Of April [Shigatsu Gakuen] also.

A Princess Of Summerhouse [Natsusouno Himegimi]

When the days that I aimed to get series planning of the main sheets
of the girls-comic magazine Princess by all means, I entreated
the editor of that time to give me a chance of writing two complete
stories each forty pages in succession. I promised that I am sure to
bring excellent results with them.
Then I composed this first thirty-seven-page comic
A Princess Of Summerhouse at the risk of 0 or 100 scores.
As it was successful, the series planning was decided
before the second comic story. But "danger comes soonest",
the second complete story Skyblue Jelly For You [Sorairo Jelly-o Anatani]
could not bring so excellent results.
However it was not so bad as to be canceled the decision of the series planning.
Incidentally, Chocolate Of Love 0.8oz [Koino Chocolate 0.8oz],
the predecessor of Princess Of Summerhouse, was the first
"school-life and first-love" style comic twenty-eight pages,
which was also the first one I challenged seriously to get
the colored pages. And I think that I barely found out how to describe
the typical girls-comics in those days.

Gryphon Garden

Thanks to A Princess Of Summerhouse won the second prize
in the questionnaires, I had a chance to write Gryphon Garden,
which was my first "story-oriented" comic series
(Here You Are! was a gag type comic). In those days,
there were three greatest series in the Princess sheets,
which were in the unshakable position for a long time.
A Princess Of Summerhouse outstripped two of the three
There had been the first time's color cover illustration of
the series in GALLERY page11 of this website until just recently.

Gryphon Garden was a "success-story",
which I created by sudden order of the editorial section.
It was an extremely hard experience. To tell the truth,
I intended to work on To The Far Realm Of Light
[Harukanaru Hikarino Kunie], known as Onion Warrior[Tamanegi Senshi],
but I had to alter the course hastily. I really needed more time,
to gather materials at least. What I could do was just putting
my true-heart massage into the story.

Following is the introduction of that illustration.
Those days, girls-comic world was in the success-story boom.
When I was ordered by the editor of that time,
I demanded an explanation of him,
"Recently, we can find success-story in every comic book.
Why do I have to work on such a story in this situation?"
"But there's still not in our magazine Princess",
he answered with a sorrowful smile.
I sympathized deeply with him, so that I had no other choice but trying it.

Magicians Holiday [Mahoutsukaitachino Kyujitsu]

The color illustration of this story had been exhibited in GALLERY pages, before.
This comic book consists of magicians' seven stories,
which I composed as a memento of my seventh book of Princess Comics.
The title story Magicians Holiday was composed for comic magazine
Ryu of Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., and Dancing Magictime
[Odoru Mahoujikan] was composed for comic magazine Grapefruits of ShinshokanPublishing Co. originally.
Both comic magazines are defunct now.
I think the present condition of the book industry,
it can't hold such kind of good quality magazines,
must be very anxious about culture level. Today,
it is regretful that only stories with earthly capacity tend to survive more than those with spiritual capacity.

To The Far Realm Of Light [Harukanaru Hikarino Kunie]

The day the first time I was admitted to work on what I liked,
and the day the firsttime I conceded my defeat seriously.
The former means excitement when the series was started,
and the latter means grief when it was finished.
I was unskilled that I could not break through the barrier of the small-page limit.
This book was the commemorative first story of
Three Magic Sword Series [Mitsurugi Series],
and the first appearance of Rosery and Arthur.

The Legend Of Fairy Blue [Fairy Blue-no Densetsu] 2 volumes

This series started in the next month of when To The Far Realm Of Light finished.
In fact, I was dissatisfied with the editors who didn't allow me to
replace the pages for this new story to the former one.
I had demanded more pages for the ending of To The Far Realm Of Light.
But they never gave me additional pages following the tradition
that three-time-series was long enough for new faces.
I felt terrible pain in my heart.

However, I changed my agony to the creative energy for the new story,
because The Legend Of Fairy Blue was also what I had been eager to compose.
At that time, we had no preparating term for the next story,
that might be unimaginable for the present comic writers. Again,
I was confronted with difficulties at the new series.
So I once stopped it at the half, and resumed it as the sequel
after a while. The title of the second volume was A Faraway Fairy Blue [Harukanaru Fairy Blue].
Afterwards, both series were gathered, and published as a comic
The Legend Of FairyBlue of Princess Comics.
And it was republished as one volume complete version
by Futaba Pocket Edition in the spring of 1998,
including Fairy Blue Illusion [Fairy Blue Gensou].

Midnight Cindy

These are the comic-collection when the first time I realized
how to deal with VSOP girls-comics. Every comic gained good record.
Among them, I spent more energy for the title story MidnightCindy
than for others. I guess, I forgot about it in detail but,
there was a grave reason that I had to gain an excellent score,
to get the chance to work on what I liked, at any cost. It meant a battle for me.
By researching the preview of the next issue,
I analyzed the type of readers, and developed the story to satisfy them.
To fulfil this mathematics, I had to look at things by the heroine's eyes.
It made me lose the whole comprehensive view of the world.
I felt as if I was seeking for my destination in the dark relying
on the map in my memory.
When I finished the series, I couldn't make out what I created.
I asked the editor at the meeting of the context planning,
"I think I composed it, but I don't know what composition it is.
Please tell me if there is any inconsistency".
The editor replied, "It looks OK". So I said "I believe you".
But when I saw the issued one, I got in a panic.
There were two same pages from 12p to 13p.
I wrote these episodes in the comments of The ESP Girl Asuka [Chou Shoujo Asuka].
However, my efforts were fully rewarded with the first prize
in the questionnaires of Princess.
It was very difficult to get this position at that time.

Flower Circlet Dragon Land [Hanakanmurino Ryuno Kuni]
Vol.1-13 as of 26 Nov.1998

When I composed the short complete comic Chocolate Of Love 0.8oz,
I first considered the method to bring a good result.
I barely coped with it, I could get two-color forty pages for
my next series. Although they were extra issues, both forty-page long
and color print were the first experience for me. I leaped for joy,
"Finally I can set about one of those what I wanted to describe!".
I composed an illustration context of The Legend Of Fairy Blue
immediately, and handed it to the editor.
Of course the pages were still short for the story,
there was no help for suspending halfway of the context.
The editor got embarrassed, as well as me,
or he might not suppress a wry smile.
He told me that the story would not catch on. Then he suggested,
"If, for example, the hero (El Farido, a boy of the forest people) was
from real world like Alice In Wonderland, readers would come
into the fantasy world with him".
I completely discarded the plan of The Legend Of Fairy Blue
at the same time when he said,
"So this Prince...", pointing at the Princess Linne.
It is important to wait for the next chance.
"OK, I'll beat it!"
I made up my mind to get overall change until the next day,
which was the limit of the context planning. I changed the boy
in fantasy world into an English girl of the recent day,
the World Tree into Giant Daisy, the White Hawk into Flower Circlet Dragon,
and Princess Linne to Prince Estor, so that I built up a new story by the method
that I had used to get good results.
Eventually, the Flower Circlet Dragon Land series became my most successful work. Indeed,
the early several complete stories were beaten by my VSOP comics
such as MidnightCindy or A Princess Of Summerhouse in the questionnaires of the magazine.
I made up this story in a few hours without any preparation
(even though The Legend Of Fairy Blue was behind it).
It could say that the story was made only from the images I already had at that time
without any "flash". To be honest, I had already found out the pattern to hit
the popular fancy as well as the nature of the girls-comic market.
I had avoided such type stories, because my dream was establishing true fantasy style.
But I decided to go the whole way now I had started.
As a result, the early stories became much more melodramatic beyond my limitation.
It was a tough challenge for me, because I was not so "sugary type".
However, it was very interesting work to create the future form for girls' dream.
I may clearly say, it was a hundred times as difficult for me
to make context planning in contrast to its entirely easy imaging work.
The first four series won the second prize for the first two times,
and the top prize for the last two times
(the words were around that the first time also won the top prize).
These good results brought me the next ten-times series Labyrinth Of The Sky [Sorano Meikyu].
Additionally, it gave me the chance to compose the sequel of The Legend OfFairy Blue.
When the hero and the heroine got married in the fourth story of the series,
the editorial section ordered me to stop Flower Circlet Dragon Land. They said that,
it would be a similar pattern to the great masterpiece " Monshou".
This kind of episode might not happen these days. Actually,
another writer started the very similar series to my Flower Circlet Dragon Land
in the Princess sheets later. I was too amazed,
"It rides a crest of popularity, but they want it stop!
I cannot understand these kind of editorial policy!".
While, I had composed this romantic fantasy comic for serving the readers in the main.
I like "hard fantasy" by nature. Then I was allowed to work
on such kind of story-comic instead of Flower Circlet Dragon Land.
Why should I complain about it? I will tell about the next series
Labyrinth Of The Sky [Sorano Meikyu],
known as Tales Of The Seventh Magicmaster Arthur Robin, below.

Labyrinth Of The Sky [Sorano Meikyu] 3 volumes

I worked on this series in both states of happiness and hardness.
It was the first series to be given 10 series. I was very glad
that I could compose full fantasy story freely as I wished.
Of course I had usually found pleasure in other works as a comic writer,
but it was my pure pleasure as a fantasy comic writer since
To The Far Realm Of Light and The Legend Of Fairy Blue.

Though the results of the questionnaires were too cruel.
It was a miserable magazine series, even its separate volumes
Princess Comics edition were selling well and I barely defended myself
from losing a way of fantasy comic writer.
The record of Labyrinth Of The Sky was as same position as
the worst time (such as when the heroine went to the Realm of Darkness)
of Knights Of Alfheim [Alfheim-no Kishi] (which was a rather popular series).
It shows how bad result it was. To cope with the problem,
I tried the method that I prepared three patterns for the climax,
then chose one of them at the final stage in this series.

The Guest Of Thirteen Tickets [Jyusan-mai Tsuzurino Okyakujin]

Anyone who was caught up with the TV series Napoleon Solo would want to
try a light action story with two characters.
I had tried sometimes without any success,
from a lack of my constructing ability. Iwas very, very immature at that time,
I couldn't handle two or more characters.
I think I can deal with it better today. I myself like the characters of this comic,
and I think this kind of light feeling is my natural characteristic.
Comedy is difficult to get popularity in Japan.
It is often said that generally Japanese is lagging the sense of humor.

Knight Of The Moon Soul [Tsukishirono Kishi] 1 volume

I think fantasy story should be sent to the world when the period
that writer's internal images are matured after a few years
since one got "flash".
This comic was my first trial of fantasy improvisation.
During I was travelling around Europe for gathering materials,
I saw a silver willow tree, in which I felt I saw Healion.
This image became the seed of Mirror Forest [Kagamino Mori] series.
But I have paused it to avoid overlapping with Rolant of
Knights Of Alfheim [Alfheim-no Kishi] and Hainrion.

Knights Of Alfheim [Alfheim-no Kishi] vol.1 - vol.34

This is my first work that I felt I could die with my creations.
On the first issue, I nearly missed the deadline for the color page.
I barely handed basic colored illustrations. It was my "funny and pity" memory.
I was too excited, and I was too happy to be begun describing.
Because too lomg time I had been waiting for the chance to work
on this story (how foolish!).
Rosery was my very first character whom I created in my imagination world.
The first, I imaged out a ground, then I found it was turning to a grassy plain.
Then I somehow saw someone's legs walking.
I lifted up my camera in my mind, there I saw Rosery.
I dare any tough efforts and I will do my best to work on it.
Visualization of this story takes dozens of hours to other stories,
known as girls-comics.
The editors told me to finish it within this century.
I have no idea whether they will cut off this series or not,
if I failed this deadline. Nevertheless, it is my happiest time
when I am creating this fantasy comic story.

Princess Comics Deluxe, Akita-Shoten Publishing Co.

Star Express In The Night Sky[Yatenno Hoshi Tokkyu]

Ballad Of Ariel and Aerian [Ariel-to Aerian-no Uta]

Each around 750yen

Both these comics were created for the comic magazine Grapefruits originally,
then they were published as two complete comic books.
In the book Star Express In The Night Sky,
where is first inserted Granny Is Coming! [Babaga Kuru!].
On the other hand, Ballad Of Ariel and Aerian,
where is inserted newly written thirty-two pages introduction
used two colors of blue and black at the front part.
It is my troublesome habit that I sometimes act incorrigibly
by just a reckless idea. For instance, the latest, a sisteen-page-appendix
which I newly wrote is inserted in the pocket edition of Flower Circlet Dragon Land.

Akita Pocket Edition, Akita Shoten Publishing Co.

Flower Circlet Dragon Land
[Hanakanmurino Ryuno Kuni] - pocket edition Vol.1-5. 660yen

This series is that republished with thirteen volumes of previously published series
and added sixteen pages newly written complete comic for each number.
I really recommend this new series.
The fantastic multi-artist Akemi Itsuji gave afterward commentary in Vol.1.
And ILIFER.KODAMA gave afterward commentary in Vol.4.

Fine Pieces Pocket Edition Series, Futaba Shobou Publishing Co.

Here You Are! [Hai Douzo!]

This comic book is the one I gathered the fantasy style "visitors" comedies
of Macrail family all together. It is what I have wished for a long time.
I was so happy when this book was published.

The Legend Of Fairy Blue [Fairy Blue-no Densetsu]

This book is one I connected two volumes of previously published
series of The Legend Of Fairy Blue, and added a short sequel story
which was previously issued in Penguin Cafe magazine.
It is also I wished for a long time, so I was very glad that it was realized.

Black Pepper Is An Angel Dream [Kurokoshouwa Tenshino Yume]

When the days that I was not allowed to write so freely as today,
the results were very important to get more pages.
The most required girls-comic was a typical love story
of the present day. This book is one I collected four complete stories
those I myself likecomparatively.
Each good result brought the next plans those days.

Under The Moon Covered With A Profusion Of Flowers
[Ryouranno Tsukino Motode]

This book is one I connected previously published
series of City Of Incarnation [Keshinno Miyako] for the poket edition version.
It is inserted Lithome Museliner series of My Kodachrome
[Bokuno Kodachrome], Leviathan,
modern times Estor and Riz story Smoking Cantata,
and four- boxes comics How To Make City Of Incarnation
which might be nostalgic for some readers.

Seika Nakayama Illustrations, Hakusensha Publishing Co.@

Rune Master - Field Of Magicians [Rune Master - Mahoutsukaino Ryouiki]

This is the collection of my illustrations.
The title of which I named was only Japanese part.
English part was named by the editor of that time.
I think the quality of the illustration lineup of the book is unprecedented.
I was exceptionally glad when it was published by high-sense publishing company Hakusensha.
I might be more glad if it was a better seller, Oh, excuse me.(^-^;)>>

Missy Comics , Aozora Shuppan Publishing Co.

These books are all one-volume comic books.
But I intend to write continuations respectively someday, if there would be chances.

Bonjour Baseball - 1 volume

This comic is a baseball comedy "of the girls, by the girls, for the girls".
I was very happy while I wrote it, which always made me cheerful.
There is a model person of each character. I really want to compose the continuations!

City Of Incarnation [Keshinno Miyako] 1 volume

This comic is a "love and suspense" story of Kazaya-kun and Akari-chan
republished by Futaba Pocket Edition [Futaba Bunko]. It would be more interesting
if it is continued. I also want to compose the continuations!

The Seventh Boy [Nanabanmeno Shounen] 1 volume

The subtitle of this comic book is A Tale Of Arthur Robin [Arthur Robin Monogatari],
so it may seems to be directly associated with usual story of the Seventh Magicmaster Boy.
In fact, it is a fantasy style "school-life" story of his training days
when he was moved into the magician training school by the order of his Rev.
Azal Landvail. I will write the continuation soon. I hope you will enjoy it!

Two analogue albums and seven CDs have been released,
but I don't know whether they are purchasable or not today.

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