šAIntroducing my fantastic friends' websites!š

šFirst are friends concerning comic booksš

Kaeru Nakayama's private website; 633sqn (English only)

Kaeru Nakayama's public website (Japanese)

Marchen Maker; Wonder Garden

Sanae Tokimatsu; Time Thief

Jun Saegusa; March Residence

Mother of Jiro R. Tanaka Website
There you can see the dolls of Akiko Takahashi.

™The 1st Dolls Exhibition (Original Dolls & Knights Of Alfheim Dolls)

™The 2nd Dolls Exhibition (Original Dolls & Flower Circlet Dragon Land Dolls)

šThis is a cats companions linkš

Foster Parents of China; Cats Cave Communications

There is BBS page also.

šSeika Nakayama's working companions of editors, poets, novelists linksš

uFOREST of Fantasyv

Mari Isshiki; Modern Poetry / Horizon

Taro Maeda; Taro's Page

Toru Akitsu; Akitsushima Project

Mrs. Tenko Akitsu; Tenko's Page

Jun Ozawa; Mooncafe

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