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Takahashi Dolls' link is in LINK page, let's click and check its detailed guidance!

Exhibition Of Silkscreens and Exhibition Of Tetsuya Chiba And
His Fantastic Friends' link is in MAIN page, let's click and check its detailed guidance!

Akita Shoten Publishing Co. has set up its new website!

The English pages are run with the essential contents picked up and translated
from the Japanese pages. Under the circumstances often update might be difficult.
So the contents of illustrations and writings are smaller than the Japanese pages.
I recommend to access through the Japanese MAIN page also,
when you like to refer to more illustrations.

GALLERYIllustrations Of Toward Lights & Labyrinth Of Darkness

NERIMADORCATSParadise easy inhabitants of Nerimador

BOOK-LISTBook guides with Seika Nakayama's comments (purchasable books only)

LINKLinks to Seika Nakayama's friends websites

PROFILE Consists of Seika Nakayama???

FACYPAPERLANDSquare pieces of fancy paper produced for various charity events

SILKSCREEN LANDIllustrations reproduced for silkscreens.

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