Allow me to introduce to you the Nakayama family cats


6 cats in all as of 7th June 1998

The eldest brother, Hiyo-maru is fifteen years old this year.
He was picked up by my sister when my atelier was near Toshimaen.

Hiyo-maru; side face@Anne-pan; in front of the door



Melon-pan; on a microwave oven


The second eldest brother Melon-pan and the eldest sister Anne-pan are both thirteenyears old this year.

Their Mother is Mimi, who had lived in my parent's house in Okayama.
She had chanced to meet a cool Japanese striped guy when she went out for a walkaround the house, then Melon-pan and Anne-pan were born.

After then, their only son Una Chof A Coup De Grace, so-called Chof was born somehow from the brother-sister's marriage. This year(1998) is his anniversary of the Oriental Zodiac.

Chof boy

|Chof boy|

Eleven years later since Chof was born;

In the meantime, our old resident Granny Milk passed away by renal insufficiency at the age of fifteen, and her sister Granny Love-pack also passed away of old age at twenty years and nine months. After the farewells, I took over Dash and Prime as foster children from Animals Rescue Party in Kobe

They, alias Black Phantoms, who are barely two years old now.

Dash; in a trash bag


Prime; on the top of a climbing bar

|Prime girl|

Dash and Prime seem not so clever in contrast to my old family members Melon-pan and Anne-pan who are as bright as dogs. They, such naughty children, are quite strangers for me. However I feel they are so interesting and lovely. Lives are wonderful, aren't they?

Anne-pan; big close-up

"Who cares!" Queen Anne spoken with bad temper.

I have produced some ten pages of four-box comics about my life with Nerimador cats. I would like to show you someday.

My Life With Nerimador Cats

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