They love a hot-water bottle.

Hiyo-maru and Chof; sleeping, clinging to a hot-water bottle

In my family, both human and cats use hot-water bottles through the winter season.
Four hot-water bottles are used for cats alone. We use their warm water for facewash or clothwash every next morning.

Chof boy really likes to lie at his father Melon-pan's side. But the guy is not sensitive to the cold. So the boy often lies beside his uncle Hiyo-maru. He doesn't always look after Chof, but he often comes to Chof's side to sleep with, only to warm up himself with Chof. Because Hiyo-maru is very sensitive to the cold.

When you look closely at the picture, you can see his beloved father sleeping alone in the small box at Chof's side.

Melon-pan who is the most insensitive to the cold. I assure it with my palm print.

Melon-pan with my palm print

I take a walk with a leading-string every day, even in a snowfall or on a thick snowblanket. There is my palm print on his hip, and he has a disgusted expression. He is smart enough not to walk too narrow streets in order that the followers can walk easily. He can understand the orders such as "House!" and "Wait!". And urging me to take a walk before rain comes is one of his characteristics.

Black Phantoms who came from Kobe are
so sensitive to the cold.

Prime; in the prime minister's lap

She likes elder brothers and sisters, so it is few times in a day
that she comes to human's place to fawn.

The most Queenlike cat in my family.

Anne-pan; lying with twisted hip in an affected manner

However, she is somewhat a funk as "Queen at home and a baby abroad". She feared and hid herself somewhere all day long when my house was under remodeling. She put dry-foods denial declaration into practice together with Hiyo-maru. They are rushing on the way to a bigoted old man and a fussy old woman.(^-^;)>>B

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