Nerimador Cats - Easygoing Unit.
Edited on 9th November 1998

Melon-pan; taking a nap

Original easygoing cat Melon-pan, who is taking a nap.

Dash; in a sentimental mood

One of the disciples of the original easygoing cat.

Dash merely wanted to look out of the window climbing
on a tissue box with his forelegs.
He was scolded for the collapsed box. He is likely to cry.

Territory Contention; in my working room

This is a easygoing cats unit in my working room.

Dash is observing outside of the window.
Melon-pan is patient enough to be able to wait for his turn.

Easygoing Cats; in a cage

This is a easygoing cats unit in a cage in the cats' room of the second floor of my house.

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