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Kahou-maru appeared!)

In the early summer of 1983, Kahou-maru was picked up by my family.
This picture is the first day I met him. He is playing with stuffed Symbat, one of my comic characters.

Hiyo-maru; with camera focused eyes as usual

In the early fall of 1983, Hiyo-maru was picked up by my family.

I picked up Kahou-maru and gave him a bath at once, but he was not so dirty. I heard that Kahou-maru was picked up by my neighboring two housewives, who had washed him already. But I have no idea why he was thrown out again.
On the other hand, Hiyo-maru was once picked up by some boys together with all his brothers, striped cats, and he was thrown alone in the same night. My younger sister found him crying horribly, so she brought him to my family.

Kahou-maru with Mikan

Kahou-maru with Mikan, and there is Ms.Milk at the back of them.
She was still in good health at that time.

A kitten; in a shadow of solitude

Hiyo-maru loved to be alone.
This is the picture of his lonely play with curtain strings.

Hiyo-maru was brought up by Kahou-maru.
But Kahou-maru was a guy of roaming.
Then he had gone to lead a wandering life,
was his nature. He left us indescribable loneliness.

Hiyo-maru and Kahou-maru are living as Wing Cat Bibbabat and Bianki,
the characters of my fantasy comic Flower Circlet Dragon Land.

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